The Best Swedish Meatballs

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Review 1 :
“I thought this dinner was delicious.. It was awesome.. Even received a compliment from the other that ate it with.. That was a surprise.. they were yummy! thank you.. for such great recipe and great dinner..”

Review 2 :
“I made this recipe as stated. I live with a Swedish-Finn, and he though the recipe outstanding. I made this with salad and steamed potatoes one night, and rice and steamed green beans the next; I served homemade lingonberry preserves with both. This was a great recipe. Thank you.”

Review 3 :
“This review is for the gravy part of this recipe only (although I’m sure the meatballs are fabulous too; after all, this is a Chef John recipe). I made Johnsonville Italian Meatballs and, as an afterthought, decided I wanted a Swedish meatball dish. So I began looking and decided to make this sauce. It is a little bit thinner than what I’ve had before, but that didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t add any extra salt or pepper since my meatballs used hot Italian sausage. I served the meatballs and gravy over angel hair pasta.”

Review 4 :
“these were awesome, better than ikea’s even 🙂 remember, to avoid tough meatballs, don’t overmix and try to use a melon baller to shape the balls, as the heat from your hands will tend to break them down a bit. the only thing i changed with this recipe is that i used an 8oz container of fresh mushrooms, which were browned in butter before adding to this delicious gravy. i also added a smidge of allspice. delicious! our store doesn’t carry lingonberries so i made some homemade cranberry sauce using the teeny cranberries, with a bit of tangerine zest. very nice substitute using commonly found ingredients. used homemade creme fraiche for this recipe, and served over egg noodles from trader joe’s. bork bork!! this is my husbands all time favorite dinner, i made it for his birthday!”

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Review 5 :
“If you are used to only beef meatballs, you can just use all beef. The texture seems odd to me but it was still good. It will just take getting used to having pork/beef meatballs. They taste great; I’m just used to all beef meatballs. However, the sauce is divine! I grew up on using the McCormick Swedish Meatball seasoning, and I have been trying to find a recipe to emulate it. This is so much better! Even the seasoning on the meatballs is better! Thanks,”