Simple Beef Pot Roast

“This pot roast recipe and technique could not be easier. The vegetables break down, combining with the meat’s juices to create a sauce! Warm, hearty, and delicious! Serve over horseradish mashed potatoes.”

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“Fantastic pot roast! I did both sweet potatoes and white potatoes. Both were great in this, very flavorful, moist and delicious :)”

“I have cooked this roast three times and it has always been a great hit. Although I am a vegetarian I still cook meat products for my family and friends. I browned the meat in a large skillet then put it in a crock-pot over the veggies. I also added 3 cups of beef broth in addition to the beef bullion to add more flavor and liquid. I used whole fingerling potatoes and omitted the celery.”

“Best pot roast recipe I’ve ever had. I made it with sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, celery plus put peels from two kiwis on the meat while cooking (tenderizer) discarding later before making gravy.”

“Delicious! Great recipe and I would not have thought of sweet potatoes. I put some in and really enjoyed the change from regular potatoes. (I did put in the red potatoes for those who don’t care for sweet)”

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“This was the most wonderful, tender potroast! I did a 4lb roast and it took 2 hours. The gravy was SO easy and tasty! I made it with yorkshire puddings and honeyed carrots. My 3 year old daughter and boyfriend went on and on about how great it all was 🙂 Thanks for a great recipe, it is definitely going into my regular rotation!”

“This was perfect. I have tried to make a good tender juicy pot roast. I made a couple of changes, i did not add the beef cubes but I added garlic and onion flakes. I used the oven method, and in a cast iron skillet i cooked the potatoes, onions and carrots for 30 minutes and then threw it in the pot in the oven for an additional hour. I would take a picture but there was not a morsel left. Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful.”


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