Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake Cake

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“Absolutely phenomenal cheesecake recipe! I had a 9″ pan, not 10″, so I baked it for 55 minutes (not 45), then for 8 minutes (not 7) once sour cream was put on. I did leave out cinnamon in the crust. I also put a large stainless steel bowl over the cheesecake once I took it out of the oven (had read that it helped maintain moisture while it cooled) till it was completely cooled. It came out perfect,and just like other reader’s attested, was gobbled up by all. I will make this over and over again.”

“This is a very good cheesecake..but I need help on what I did that made the cheesecake hard to slice…the chocolate topping was hard to cut through and didn’t slice very well..should I have left out some chocolate? It was very heavy on top! Also, do you let the cheesecake cool before putting sour cream on? It was very good and it looked good until I sliced it..Please tell me what I can do to make it easier to slice..THANKS”

“With both chocolate and sour cream frosting, this cheesecake is definitely ‘decadent’. I would, however, recommend doubling the amount of butter it calls for. Before bringing this cake to a potluck, I chilled it overnight. The next day, I tasted the cheesecake. It was dryer than I prefer. But after eating a leftover slice maybe 2 days later, I was surprised that it was so unbelievably rich and creamy with just the right amount of firmness. So if you plan on making this for someone, I would highly recommend making it days earlier to get optimal cheesecake. 100% Recommended. =)”

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“Excellent cheescake – everyone raved about it!! The oreo cookie crust was such a nice change from the typical graham cracker crust. I also drizzled a little raspberry syrup on top at the end, to add some fruity flavor. I will definitly be making this dessert for all holidays.”

“Great recipe!!! However, I only used a cup of sugar. Less calories but taste the same! I did ended up using 3 ts of butter though. I also recommand to use a water beth. The cake had no crack at all!!! I do not think it was necessary to have that much of chocolate on the top. Drizzling the chocolate on the top not only made it look prettier, but also had a great balance between the sweetness and the cheesecake flavor! Everyone loved the cake!”


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